The Devil’s Wrath

When I was in high school I wrote a novella. I was quite obsessed with Westerns at the time (might still be, a little), so a Western was what I decided to write.
I would not say that this is a ‘good’ book, at all. In fact, it’s probably quite bad in the literary sense. It was, however, insanely fun to write, and I do look back at my nerdy seventeen year old self’s odd achievement and feel a little proud. 
The Devil’s Wrath, like all good Westerns, is a story of vengeance. When Emma and Lyssa Wilkes’ brother is murdered, they enlist the help of infamous outlaw Billy Foster to track down the killer and exact revenge.  As Billy gets closer to their target, however, his own dark history is slowly revealed – and the mission becomes much more personal than initially realised. 


You can purchase The Devil’s Wrath for Kindle here.