25 Reasons Everyone Needs to Travel

I’ve been so lucky to work for the lovely team at International Working Holidays over the past year. If you need travel advice or assistance, these guys are the experts and 100% genuine. They’ll sort you out with working holidays and volunteer trips abroad no trouble. Recently the managing director asked me to write a wee blog on why everyone should travel. Check it out below, or view it on their website here.


Whether you’ve got the travel bug or not, it’s imperative that you spend time overseas (more than once!) during your life. 

Yes, it can be expensive and yes, we all have commitments with work and family – but the fact is, if you never get out there and experience other countries and cultures for yourself, you are missing out on a huge amount of opportunities. 

Here at International Working Holidays we love travel. 

So, we’ve come up with 25 simple reasons why you need to unleash your inner traveller. You’ll thank us after!

  1. You’ll learn things about yourself that only getting out of your comfort zone can reveal. Who knew you could be so independent and intuitive?
  2. You’ll make friends forever and always have a couch to crash on somewhere else in the world #winning
  3. You’ll get to try activities you can’t try at home – camel riding in Egypt? Check. White water rafting in Colorado? Check. Hiking in the Himalayas? Check.
  4. You’ll be able to sleep just about anywhere. Airports, crowded hostels, tents – you name it.
  5. The food. Seriously, this alone is reason enough to go. Real Italian pasta in Florence? Authentic gumbo in New Orleans? Legitimate braai in South Africa? Sign us up.
  6. You’ll learn how to get by with the basics: erratic showers, noisy buses and NO hair straighteners. 
  7. You’ll become really, really good at budgeting. New motto: make it work.
  8. Your knowledge of the world will broaden as you learn new histories, languages and more.
  9. You’ll realise how lucky you are to have a great home and family.
  10. You’ll see exciting new animals. Pandas! Squirrels! Badgers! Just watch out for snakes. 
  11. You’ll be able to visit all of the incredible places you see in the movies – the Swiss Mountains, the streets of Paris, Mexican beaches… the list goes on!
  12. You’re social media accounts will be #legit.
  13. Celebrity spotting! You never know who you’ll see strolling the streets of LA or exploring the alleys of London…
  14. You will have the best stories (ever) when you return.
  15. In the spirit of travel, you’ll do things the stay-at-home you wouldn’t. Swimming with sharks, party buses in Vegas… when in Rome, and all that.
  16. You’ll be the most efficient packer out of everyone you know. New motto: make it fit. 
  17. The shopping. Oh, the shopping. It’s always better overseas, trust us. 
  18. You’ll get to to tick things off your bucket list. Yoga in Yosemite National Park, anyone? 
  19. You’ll learn that comfy clothes are actually the best thing ever. Sneakers all the way. 
  20. You’ll have the chance to see some of the world that might not be around forever.
  21. You’ll appreciate the wonder of a good bed in a private room more than ever before.
  22. You’ll realise how capable you are, which is a really empowering thing. You don’t need nobody but you to survive!
  23. You’ll realise it’s the little things that matter the most. Sunset in the mountains, a meal shared with friends, a quick chat with a stranger. 
  24. You’ll have a reason to start your own blog. Now you can be like that cool hippie chick you follow!
  25. You don’t want to look back on your life and regret not taking that dream holiday or visiting that epic landmark. We only get one life.

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