Everybody Wants Some!!

evwryWantsSome4-3Published in Issue 15, Craccum Magazine 2016.
This movie will have you wishing you were a teen in the eighties. Or more specifically, a teen in America in the eighties. No doubt about it. Not only was the fashion 100% cooler, but the music was bangin’ and the atmosphere very, very chill.
Everybody Wants Some!! follows college freshman Jake (Blake Jenner) as he moves to Texas and shares a house with his new baseball teammates. Not a lot happens during the movie, but that’s why it’s so great. Basically, it’s about a group of college guys in the days leading up to class, partying, looking for girls and hanging out – in the eighties. It’s a pretty normal concept, but one that is easily relatable. The guys muck around playing table tennis, getting stoned, razzing each other and telling jokes. It’s the type of thing we’ve all experienced at some point during our teens or early twenties, so watching it brings on a certain responsiveness and also a sense of nostalgia.
What makes this film, hands down, are the characters. While Jake is the protagonist, his baseball teammates are the stars. Fellow freshmen Plummer (Temple Baker) and Brumley (Tanner Kalina) are solid, perfectly portraying the role of new kids joining a group of older, more superior kids. Dale (J. Quinton Johnson) is on point as the mediator between the two age groups, while Nesbit (Austin Amelio) is the light-hearted ‘bully’/asshole of the team. However, it’s Finn (Glen Powell) who really steals the show. Charming, witty and amiable, Finn is a character you can’t not like. He doesn’t lord his higher ranking over the freshmen and is simply out to have a good time.
Essentially, that’s what Everybody Wants Some!! is about – having a good time. We watch the guys enjoy themselves doing regular teenage activities, and enjoy ourselves in the process. It’s uplifting, inspiring and surprisingly perceptive. This is a feel-good film that’ll put a smile on your face (as corny as that sounds). Check it out.



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