Leary said “tune in, turn on, drop out”
and they dropped like acid
burning the flesh of Her
Her, the mighty nation.
Tune in they did, and for a time
things were “sweet as, man”
but things only stay sweet as for so long.
In they came, with their too-straight faces
and their armies and cops
their laws and rules.
In they came, to corrupt what they saw as corrupted
when the corrupt ones were they.
Challenge me?
– You are mad!
– A farce!
– Is that not what you see?
They saw lies, they saw death
the death of Her,
Her, the mighty nation.
They saw fear
fear of change
fear of growth
fear of freedom
fear of those who sought freedom.
This fear, so great
to turn a man cold
to foster hatred for one’s own
the fear that would kill
(did kill?)
Her, the mighty nation.

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